2 days
1Creativity Booster Day / 1 BriefFest
5 jury members / 1 Film winners showings
1 insight tool / 3 creative methods

January 11-12

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Cannes in Prague

Creatively-awarded campaigns deliver much higher return on investment of non-creatively awarded campaigns. As campaigns get more creative, they become more effective. Come to creatively inspire yourself, your team and your agency. Then go & take your brief and create your new campaign at our workshop.

Ignite your creativity

Creativity Booster Day

Six jury members will share insights from the jury room and the best world‘s cases awarded at Cannes Lions 2016 with you. You can discuss latest trends in branded communication. Also, the best films will be showcased.

Create your own great idea


One day training and workshop where advertisers & creatives will crunch real client briefs using Mindscapes tools. This is where inspiration is converted into your own award-winning ideas.

Jan 11

Creativity Booster Day

Six speakers will share insights from the jury rooms and the best world‘s cases awarded at Cannes Lions 2016 with you. You can discuss latest trends in branded communication. Also, the best films will be showcased.

Digital experience


The Cyber Lions show creativity which is experienced digitally. They demonstrate an idea indigenous to, or enhanced by, the digital environment; that is work originating from online platforms and innovatively utilising associated technologies to deliver a brand message.



The Mobile Lions show device-driven creativity. They demonstrate performance in portable platforms; that is work where a hand-held or wearable environment is integral to the idea and enables key aspects of the execution.

Creativity and Effectiveness

Creativity matters

The presentation will demonstrate the direct link between creative excellence in communications and commercial success. Ultimately, how creativity is a driving force for business, for change and for good.

Interaction and participation

Promo & Activation

The Promo & Activation Lions show creativity that brings brands to life. They demonstrate ideas that generate interaction; that is work where consumer participation in an activity serves to promote a product or service.



The Direct Lions show response-driven and relationship-building creativity. They demonstrate the pursuit and application of meaningful results; that is work created to directly influence ongoing consumer behaviour via a call-to-action or mechanism producing a measurable response.

Trust and understanding


The PR Lions show the creative use of reputation. They demonstrate innovative ideas that have sway; that is work that tangibly builds trust or engenders increased understanding between brands/organisations and their publics.

Jan 12


A one-day workshop where advertisers & creatives will crunch real client briefs using Mindscapes tools. These tools are highly practical tools which enable you to look at reality, data and information via different perspectives – which unlocks hidden and powerful insights. Mindscapes Creative tools offer a methodology for creating highly disruptive ideas. Learn to disrupt conventional thinking and to engage with people in surprising and effective ways.
More than 20 Cannes Lions, including 3 Grand Prix, won by Mindscapes Trained Agencies, using these creative tools.

Bring home the goods

Develop your own concept

Bring your brief, learn several insight tools and creative methods and then work on your own innovative campaign concepts in dedicated teams. We will supply experienced creatives to generate ideas and guide you along the way.

Creative techniques

Just learn

You will still gain from learning the new techniques which you can bring back to the office to apply them later. You will get to understand the methods and tools and then will take part in a workshop session applied on a test brief.

Chance of a lifetime

Miss out

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Workshop trainer

Yonathan Dominitz

Founder of Mindscapes. A trainer and a leader of creativity trainings for advertising agencies, digital, media, PR, marketing and communications.

Yonathan has personally conducted projects in numerous companies and leading global advertising agencies across the US and North America throughout Europe to Japan, China and Asia Pacific. He is a frequently invited to run creativity workshops and is a keynote speaker at the Cannes Lions festival, Eurobest, Spikes Asia and more.
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The Creativity Booster Day takes place in the very heart of Prague. BriefFest is happening at a fancy place in the vibrant Karlin quarter, in the two days following the Creativity Booster Day.

Jan 11

Creativity Booster Day

IT takes place in Ambassador Zlatá Husa***** hotel in Prague. The hotel offers historic Art Nouveau conference and banquet rooms directly in the center of Prague, on the Wenceslas Square pedestrian zone.

Jan 12


The workshop will be held in Kotelna55. A hundred years ago this place produced steam that powered machines. Now it is used by both agencies and talented individuals in marketing communications to re‑create energy that helps companies and brands.

Main venue

Creativity Booster Day

The main entrance to the conference center is located inside the Ambassador arcade leading directly from the Wenceslas Square pedestrian zone.


Václavské náměstí 5-7, Prague 1



Kotelna 55

Thanks to the leading Czech and world-famous architects, the original industrial building operating from the end of the 19th century became a vibrant place that offers space for work, meetings with friends, and exhibitions, workshops and parties.


Pernerova 55, Praha 8 – Karlín



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